Powder Mixer Machine
Powder Mixer Machine
When powder treatment is given, the powder must be added to the flour with great accuracy and uniformity by suitable feeders unless two or more powders are previously blended into a master mix by a batch mixing system, there must obviously be at least on feeder for each powder to be added.

A new development of the Powder Mixer Machine is the vari-Feeder. This  has large capacity, a very extensive range of feeds with integral gearbox and reduction gear replacing the usual change-over wheels. It is capable of feeding from several grams of powder up to 204 kilos per hour-by the utilisation of special gearbox and 
simple change of conveyor and conveyor box. The feeder gearbox is mounted on a base plate with a which is fitted a special small reduction gear and which is capable of effection a 14:1 or 124:1 ration from the variator.

Reel Machine
Reel Machine
Important Features :
- For removing dust sand, seed or large refuses before goin gsilos from the Grain
- Red is circular in shape and slightly inclined. It is closed with very strong perforated metal which is easily detachable.
- The feed end is carried on Rollers, whilst the driving end is supported on Bearings. Machine free from the usual internal shaft and spiders there is no risk of free from the accumulation of strings, wisps of straw etc.
- It is very substantially built throughout and is quite dust proof.
Machine runs by heavy-duty C.I. Bewel gear on low speed so gives optimum output with load decreases.


Size Sheet Diameters Capacity Overall Dimension M/C RPM
       Length  x  Width  x  Height  
4 sheet 30" 6T/Hr.   14'      x    3.5'   x    4.5' 40
3 Sheet 30" 4T/Hr.   12'      x    3.5'   x    4.5' 35

Horizontal Scorer

Horizontal Scorer
This scorer is primarily used for cleaning wheat and rye to separate impurities such as dust, sand, small seeds, etc. to remove dirt and husks adhering to the grain. To reduce bacteria content to eliminate insects and insect fragments.
Very gentle scouting action may be used for either first or second cleaning. Easily connected to aspiration channel on the floor- High specific throughout with low power consumption- sieves are easily and quickly changed meets today's strict standards for sanitation and maintenance Smooth, quiet operation.
Recommended Applications
As a scorer in the first cleaning stage- as a scorer in the second cleaning stage- as a silo scorer in the preliminary cleaning section proving throughout rates up to 30 tons per hour.
Horizontal Scorer combined with a Aspiration Channel
Optimum cleaning action can be achieved by attaching a good aspiration unit to the outlet of the scorer. Our Aspiration Channel is best suited for this purpose. It permits efficient layout of the plant and easy accommodation, Husks, chaff, small seeds, insect fragments as well as broken and hollow kernels can be cleanly separated and efficiently removed by using this scorer which can be adapted to obtain the desired cleaning effect.
Model Length Width Height Capacity / Hour
R-7 1750 610 1500 3.5 TONS
R-10 2200 870 1500 6-8 TONS

Destoner Or Stone Separator

Destoner Or Stone Separator
Function :
The Stone Separator is a form of Specific Gravity Separator. Its Separates the 
grain mass in to two fraction as per the difference in specific gravity. The machine is fed onto the center of a perforated deck. The Air coming through the deck from bottom stratifies the materials while the reciprocating action of the deck Separates the heavy particles from the lighter particles. The heavier Materials move towards the top end of the deck whereas the lighter particles are discharged from the end of the deck, without any middling product. The Separation can be controlled by adjusting the feed rate, slope of the deck, deck vibration and the air flow rate.
High accuracy of separation thanks to preliminary, middling and final separation Zones and excellent distribution of Air across. The entire screen, accurate final separation of product. From heavy impurities due to adjustable Air slide Valve.


Food Processing Machinery - De-Stoner
Method Of Operation :
The steady flow of grain at is distributed over the entire width of the machine via a feeding device and then proceeds to the preliminary separating table. On this table the flow of grain is arranged in layers according to specific weight. The lighter particles arrange themselves at the top and the heavier particles with the stone at the bottom. The bottom layer, which also contains the stones, flow in direction “X” and via outlet is led directly to the final separating zone of the stone separating table. On this table the grain flow is again arranged in layers according to specific weight. The light particles come at the top and the heavy particles with the outlet together with the grain form the destining table.
Application :  
For contionous separation of stones from a qranular products stream, as for example all kinds of cereals. Simple and reliable method of separation utilizing the differences in terminal velocity of product and heavy admixtures such as stones, metal, glass etc.

Vibro Classifier

Food Processing Machinery - Vibro Classifier
Method Of Operation :
Material to be separated falls freely through the inlet into the coarse screen, which removes broken kernels, sand and other fine impurities. Taillings from the lower sieve-layer consist of cleaned grain and pass to the outlet. The circular movements of the sieves facilitates and increase of the capacity on given sieve surface and also an increase of sieve effect. A spiration channel is built on the outlet.
Application :  
Cleaning Grading are the first & most important post harvest operation undertaken to remove Foreign & undesirable materials form the threshed crops/grains and to separate the grains/ Products into various fractions. The comparative commercial value or agricultural products is Dependent on their grade factors. These grade factors further depend upon (1) physical Characteristics like size, shape moisture content, colour etc. (2) chemical characteristics like odour, freefatty acid content and (3) biological factors like germination, insect damage.

Drum Sleeve Machine

Food Processing Machinery - Drum Sleeve Machine
Function :
"RAJNI" introduce New drum sieve machine. It is a pre-cleaning machine for rice, wheat, soyabeans,corn,pulses, etc. It is used in the reception of granular, mealy & floury bulk materials in the grain mill. Bulk storage system and other plants in the food processing and feed processing industries. The drum sieve separates coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, bag tapes, paper, wooden pieces, corn leaves, cobs,etc. This protect the downstream processing and conveying equipment from malfunctions and damage. The rugged, overhung screening drum is divided into an inlet and outlet cylinder, made of sheet steel and is provided with holes in a diameter ranging form 10 to 60mm The screening drum is a self-cleaner that is additionally supported by a scraper brush. All components are installed inside an enclosed housing that is equipped with an aspiration connection. The material to be screened is fed through an inlet channel within the screening drum and is then turned over. The grain drops, through the screen perforations and the coarse impurities, are directed to the outlet by a guide screw. This ensures reliable separation of the course inpurities. Machines are available in different capacities and also as per customer requirement.

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