Salient Feature
1. Highest Production results with regard both to quantity & quality.
2. Very low power consumption because of the rolls run with double
    roller bearings.
3. Fully automatic feed mechanism for all kinds of grain. 
4. Chilled cast iron rolls of foreign & Indian make available.


5.  Dynamically balanced main rolls give very smooth run and             uniform  grinding.
6.Greatly facilitated possibilities of attention and cleaning Rolls :
The rolls are of chilled metal of special mixture which produce a deep chill of extreme hardness & ensure long life. They are accurately ground or fluted & throughout tested.
Accuracy & Reliability:
The greatest care is exercised in the construction of "RAJNI" Roller Mills to ensure perfect accuracy and reliability. All parts are made to jigs and templates & are of very finest materials & workmanship throughout. The machines are carefully inspected. When finished and undergo a long running test before leaving our works. They are given an excellent enamel finished, handles & other bright parts are heavily plated. 
Each machine is fitted with two pairs of rolls mounted in a rigid cast iron frame of very strong construction. Each pair of rolls has its own driving pulley & differential gear wheels so that in effect, the Flour-Roll Mill is two independent machines combined in one frame. The Roll of each pair are arranged diagonally. The frame is so designed that either pair of rolls can be easily removed for regrinding or refluting.While the other half of the machine is working.
250 600 1370 1275 1500
250 765 1525 1275 1500
250 800 1575 1275 1500
250 1000 1775 1275 1500
250 1250 2030 1275 1500
Plan Shifter
The square Metal Plan shifter is used for grading of intermediate breaks during the reduction process in flour mills. Besides, it may be applied in other industries for loss material grading. It operates by their hand sieve principle. Product particles fed on particular sieves are moved circularly and reciprocally due to the circular motion of the plan sifter. Because of such motion the product being graded is strategies according to the specific gravity 


Natural Stratification of the product on the sieve is not subject to any 
    disturbance in the sifting process. Since it is transported by its gravity.
The frame piled in the box make it possible to obtain vertical inlets passages are formed in the frame pile, and the other between the frame pile and the exterior walls of the plan shifter box section.
Specifications :
No of feed No of sleve per feed Case dimensions in (MM) Table No. of Sieves Insert frames dimensions in mm Total area sq-meter
    length width height   length width  
8 16 1600 1048 1780 128 500 500 32
8 12 1600 1048 1380 96 500 500 24
4 16 1600 532 1780 64 500 500 16
4 12 1600 532 1380 48 500 500 12

Introduction & Application
The double decks purifier is used in the flour mill for purification of semolina & fines by means of air stream & for their grading on the sieve.
Sizes in MM Length & Height Air requirements
2685   1260 1750 48-50 cu/min.

This machine greatly assists the break system by a gentle centrifugation of the break. Small portion of flour which still adheres to the Bran released from the last break of reduction rolls can be reclaimed by this brush less machine.
Overall dimensions 
Length   * Width  * Height
Air requirement  M/mm Hg.
1100mm  * 600mm * 900mm 15

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Conveying Systems 
The system involves conveying piped sit, this being under suction using a centrifugal type fan which incidentally is the heart of a pneumatic system, a separator i the form of a cyclone, and a dust collector usually of the filter sleeve type, and a dust collection system usually consisting of either Reverse Jet Filter dust collector cleaned by a high pressure fan through a rotating manifold, or a similar filter cleaned by jets of compressed air controlled by an electrical timing mechanism, because of the large number of varied 
stocks and relatively small quantities involved, all lifts, i.e. cyclones, can be connected up to a single fan. Each cyclone fitted with a control valve and then connected up to the manifold trunk terminated at the fan larger mills of course may have more than one fan, the pneumatic system being split into section. Cyclones used in pneumatic system have efficiency as high as 99.5%, but it is still necessary to employ a dust collector to remove the remaining 0.5%. there are situated between the fan and the pneumatic manifold the main object being to prevent stock adhering to the fan blades and causing it to go out of balance.
The advantages of pneumatic conveying can be summarized as follows.
- Cleaner, Hygienic, Cooler Mill Buildings.
- Better sifting, due to cooler socks.
- Reduction of condensation risk.
- Exhaust of roller mills and sifters eliminated.
- Smaller building, less fire risk.
- Less staff for supervision.

Air Lock
Air Lock
The prime function of a rotary valve is to regulate the flow of material from on chamber to another while maintaining a good Airlock condition. The product is mainly is dry powder or granular form.
In the dust filtration field good airlocks are essential on cyclone and bag filter application is order that the manufacturers quoted high cost collection efficiencies can be maintained. Airlock is a major supplier to companies is this field. A further source of outlet is the pneumatic conveying industry where product is regulated into a high pressure conveying line while minimising air leakage again airlock a product are extensively used. i.e. high duty on all application.
- Maximum number of blades in contact with body at one time without affecting throughout.
- good throat opening at valve entry allowing high pocket filling efficiency.
- Minimum clearances at rotor tips sides with body.
- Robust shaft diameters minimising deflection.
- outboard bearings for non-contamination
- Precision machine of components.
Airlock are available in different sizes as 
125 mm/ 175 mm/ 300mm and also manufacture in any design & size as per requirement.